PPE Compliance Detection

Work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths are costly to everyone. Over the past decade, the tightening of workplace health and safety regulations has increased the demand for safety optimisation products. Industry operators must ensure that products adhere to occupational health and safety regulations to avoid fines and reduce the likelihood of lawsuits being brought against them by injured employees. PPE is a fundamental mechanism used in many industries for ensuring the safety of employees and others. To date, organisations have relied on random or periodic human inspection to ensure compliance. 

Alternative Solution

Sparkintelligence has created an alternative solution based on computer vision and deep learning technology for detecting PPE compliance in real-time for a wide range of applications such as Helmet, protective clothing/reflected vests, protected lenses, goggles, face masks, headset, gloves  detection  using an innovative device capable of accommodating state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms. 

Product Overview

Our device can be placed strategically across construction sites and other work areas. Our device send email alerts to site managers and makes a buzzing sound (Alarm) in real time when a breach is detected.

Based on the principles of deep and active learning, the embedded algorithm is able to continuously learn and adapt to changes in its environment thereby improving the accuracy of its prediction.

Device Benefits

Compliance with HSE
Reduced risk of Injury
Good reputation
Prevent Financial loss due to lawsuits